Facebook new number registration and the most complete number raising strategy

Facebook personal accounts can easily be blocked and once blocked, it is very difficult to recover. This is the time when you need to use Facebook account registration tips to register a Facebook account.

Today, let’s discuss the tips for Facebook account maintenance. Many people say that old Facebook accounts are relatively stable and new accounts are easily blocked. It is straightforward to say that old accounts are used more often. facebook thinks you are a real person for your account to be safe. Most of the reasons why new accounts may be restricted are that many people just sign up for Facebook accounts to have fun, add people and groups immediately after a successful Facebook account registration, sign up for Facebook fan pages, and send ads. All these actions are dangerous.

Today we will also outline how newbies can quickly and successfully register for a Facebook account, an action that is often not so easy, and how building a stable Facebook account can be even more difficult. The following is a purely personal experience.

First of all, please understand the reason for the restriction, understand the rules of the Facebook community (scientific internet access is required), and keep a stable IP. if your computer or cell phone has been blocked before, please clear the cache and then register. Do not add a large number of people or groups in a short period. Work like a normal person. facebook is essentially a social platform. Don’t play Facebook from a marketing point of view. if you don’t know how to improve the number, let’s see how to improve the number

First day of Facebook account registration.

After registering, verify your email, upload an avatar, register using your mobile number or email, and follow the instructions to complete the registration. Then upload the avatar, cover, fill out the material, etc. Do not operate too much, browse for 5 minutes, and then exit

The day after registering your Facebook account.
Log in using the same device, such as the one you registered on your computer before. Don’t change the device login for at least half a month. Then follow a few blogs you like, plus one or two friends you know well. When your familiar friends see your friend’s application, they will usually agree to apply, which is also good for your account. Here’s where you can say hello to a familiar friend or colleague in advance

Day 3 of Facebook account registration.
Improve your profile and download a copy of your profile. Browse news and explore other Facebook features such as watching videos, playing the homepage, playing games, watching live streams, etc. You can also continue to add familiar friends recommended by Facebook. Please note that you are familiar with them. You can add colleagues and classmates to make Facebook feel like you are a real person. If the people you add do not pass you, Facebook may suspect that you are not a real person

Day 4 of Facebook account registration: 𞓜 Browse the trends of the people you follow, look at Facebook back then and today, listen to live streams, play games, watch the weather, and join a group or two. the number of friends added per day after Facebook account registration is not recommended to exceed 10.
Create a Facebook fan page and improve the information

This process is the process by which a person understands the platform. The main reasons why many people’s Facebook accounts are blocked and restricted are: adding users and groups frantically immediately after registration, creating public pages to promote and post within a day or two after registration, and adding users in pop-up alerts every day. Think about it. As a new user, you don’t know the Facebook platform, so you can add a group, create a homepage to promote, or even advertise directly. will Facebook think your account is small and dedicated to advertising?

Most of Facebook’s domestic users are cross-border e-commerce or study-abroad users. Most cross-border e-commerce users use Facebook as an advertising platform. They never know or follow other live streams, contests, weather, jobs, etc. Why? Because these features are not helpful for marketing products if you use them, will Facebook think you are a real person and give you more weight? Facebook account maintenance is both easy and difficult. Also, Facebook account registration requires skills, the authenticity of registration information, and experiencing the platform with the attitude of a user. Your account is hardly restricted.


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